Disponible el programa de la 9th Organic Resources and Biological Treatments (ORBIT2014)

A finales de este mes se celebrará en Hungría la novena edición de la Organic Resources and Biological Treatments (ORBIT2014), el mayor evento científico-técnico internacional sobre tratamiento de residuos orgánicos.


En este congreso se darán cita los principales investigadores que trabajan en Europa sobre reciclaje y tratamiento de residuos orgánicos. Aquí podéis ver el programa, muy interesantes todas las comunicaciones.

La cita ORBIT2014 está auspiciada por la European Composts Network (ECN). Para saber más, pinchar en el siguiente ENLACE:

ORBIT History

In 1995 several professionals working in the area of biological treatment became concerned with the proliferation of conferences and workshops covering the theme. Some of these were excellent and many of them were poor.
In 1995, at the Bologna international conference on ‘The Science of Composting’, a small group of academics and other professionals got together to formalise an arrangement to run one main conference every two years.
Essentially this began with the Bologna conference but the first conference under the ORBIT (Organic Recovery and Biological Treatment) banner was in Harrogate in 1997. This attracted over 200 delegates from more than 30 countries.
The conferences took place in Weimar, Germany, 1999, Sevilla, Spain 2000, Perth, Australia 2003, Weimar 2006, Wageningen 2008 and Heraklion 2010.
Further sucessfull conferences followed with an ORBIT Special in Wolfsburg about Biodegradable Polymers in Gödöllö, Udine, Aschaffenburg Maastricht, and Peking China.
Meanwhile, the experiences gathered by organising and conducting these venues have clearly pointed out the need of pursuing dissemination of information in a concerted and consistent manner.

The Proceedings from the ORBIT Conference 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 be ordered at the office.

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